De La Pop Gourmet Popcorn | Columbus, GA

De La Pop Gourmet Popcorn | Columbus, GA

De La Pop Columbus, GALC: When DC suggested that we “pop” into De La Pop for our next review, I was intrigued! I’ve never been to a popcorn bar! What a cute (and smart) idea! Now, let me be honest… I am NOT the girl who stands in long refreshment lines at the movie theater… paying over $10 for salty and artificially flavored butter or cheese.  BUT I am totally the girl who will go to a popcorn bar with over 90 different flavors! Please AND thank you!

DC: I first heard about DLP when a little birdie (a.k.a. my cousin RJ) mentioned that a new popcorn shop had just opened in town.  I was immediately interested, as there is nothing quite like it in Columbus right now.  Not to mention, I am always excited to give new local businesses a chance… especially when there’s such a fun and entertaining concept behind it.

The Vibe

20140206_131435 (Custom)LC: The store is located in a popular shopping center in town, The Landings (right near Outback Steakhouse).  Walking, in I noticed the simple but inviting decor.

DC: Simple, yet colorful with its wall of assorted candies on one side, and a wall of “gourmet” soda pop on the other, including all kinds of zany flavors that I could’ve never conceptualized in a million years.  Chocolate cookie dough soda anyone?  How about Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon, Buffalo Wing, or Pumpkin Pie?  No?  Well, if not that’s not your thing, there’s still roughly a gazillion flavors of popcorn awaiting you.

The Vittles

Sodas at De La Pop ColumbusLC:  As soon as we entered, DC and I were greeted and asked if this was our first time at De La Pop and were given a menu of ALL the flavors! The young lady helping us was very polite and patient as DC and I perused the menu to decide what we were gonna POP in our mouths to sample. YES, you CAN SAMPLE!! AS MANY FLAVORS AS YOUR POPCORN LOVIN’ HEART DESIRES! After a few minutes we decided on:

Cookies ‘N Cream, The De La Pop Mix (Cheese & Caramel), Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Snickers, Pina Colada, Bacon Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, Spicy Buffalo, and Loaded Potato.

Menu at De La Pop ColumbusLet me start off by saying the Cookies ‘N Cream were definitely poppin’! It was the first sample we tried and I was immediately smitten. The flavor was so true-to-life that I could’ve sworn I was at 31 Flavors with a whopping scoop of ice-cream (on a sugar cone even!)  My next favorite was the Loaded Potato, which burst with all the familiar flavors of a baked potato loaded high with bacon, cheese, sour-cream and chives!

DC: I’m with LC. Cookies ‘N Cream was a stone-groove smash, and my absolute fave!  I loved everything about it.  Loaded Potato was a definite hit, as well. I also enjoyed Strawberry Cheesecake, Snickers, and… who am I kidding?  I liked it all.

LC:  Though, I did like the jalapeno cheddar and the spicy buffalo, they surprisingly didn’t pop to the top of my list! Can you believe it? The self-proclaimed Queen of Heat was swayed by the not spicy/not savory Cookies ‘N Cream! SMH.  In addition to the variety and overall appeal of the concept and location, I think the prices were reasonable (for small and medium bags).  I decided to get a small bag (about 3 cups) of the Cookies ‘N’ Cream ($4.95).

20140206_131521 (Custom)DC: Honestly, everything was so decadently delicious that it was difficult to make a final decision.  Thankfully, with the medium and large sizes, you can mix a couple of flavors in the same bag.  Ultimately, I decided on a small bag of Cookies ‘N Cream and a medium bag that consisted of Loaded Potato and The De La Pop Mix (Cheese & Caramel)… I know it sounds odd, but TRUST me, it’s a match made in heaven! I was so excited about my popcorn experience, that I just had to share the joy, so later that day, I let mi madre taste the Cookies ‘N Cream.  Silly mistake! Somehow she convinced herself that it was MY gift to HER, and she hoarded that bag for dear life. Laugh Obviously, we’re not the only fans of that flavor!


The Verdict

LC: I simply love the concept of gourmet popcorn and De La Pop’s got you covered! With a wide array of choices, decent prices and a friendly staff, this is one popcorn bar that I will definitely pop into from time to time. My ONLY wish is that they had access to their calorie count.  They do offer regular flavored popcorn in a “lite” option, but I obviously didn’t venture ALL the way to De La Pop to try some regular blahzay popcorn! One thing I’m sure of is that this wonderful “cheat” is 100x healthier than those cupcakes across the street!

De La Pop Columbus GA

Make it a movie night at home with De La Pop!

DC: There’s something about a place like De La Pop that allows you to revisit your childhood and connect with your inner kid.  Whether you’re feelin’ cheesy, spicy, or if that sweet tooth’s driving you nutty, De La Pop has a flavor for everyone.  We made it a point to taste something from each category, and every flavor tasted exactly like what it was meant to taste like.  I don’t think we tasted anything that we downright didn’t like, and the possibilities are endless!  Because of my sharing spirit, it wasn’t a full week later before I was making my second trip back to DLP.  This time, I purchased a small bag of Snickers, another small Cookies N’ Cream, and a medium bag mix of Bacon Cheddar and the De La Pop Mix (again!).  I took the medium bag on a trip to Atlanta with me, and I’m telling you, once you pop, you just can’t stop!  This is an AWESOME snack for the road!  I also noticed several gift baskets around the store, which would be nice, sweet offerings for just about any occasion.  If ya ask me, I wouldn’t be surprised if that refreshment line LC mentioned starts suffering GREATLY (as a small bag from DLP could easily be smuggled into any theater).  But shhhh, you didn’t hear that from us! speak_no_evil


Score:   4.5 / 5


What flavors do YOU love at De La Pop?  Get it poppin’ in the comments below! wink


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De La Pop Gourmet Popcorn is located at:
5592 Whitesville Road Suite S
Columbus, Georgia 31904
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