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Canoe | Atlanta | Vinings

The Vibe

Canoe Restaurant Atlanta GADC:  I’ve heard so many great things about Canoe and I’ve been dying to get my knees under a table here!  What drew me to Canoe is its unique location, overlooking the Chattahoochee River, and its menu that exudes gourmet, classy, and delish.  (Basically, the place sounds fancy schmancy).  Oftentimes, when that is the case, you are met with unnecessary snobbery, but at Canoe, there is no such thing.  The entire time we were there, we were treated like special guests.  When we were seated, the hostess referred to me by name.  It was a nice personal touch, and imagine how impressive it would be if you took a date here.  “Oh yeah, they know me; I come here ALLL the time!” ;-)  Right from the start, I felt like this was going to be a delightful affair.

The Vittles

LC: Many rave about the freshly baked pastries at Canoe, so naturally, I knew that we needed to partake in that experience.  We ordered the small basket ($6) which included Georgia Pecan Sticky Buns (2), Macadamia Scone (1) and Cranberry Cinnamon Scone (1).  They came along with a beautiful assortment of jams (orange and blackberry jams and super yummy honey butter!)  Frankly, I’m not big on sweets and I’d never had a sticky bun before. HOWEVER, let me just tell you, these were EVERY BIT of delish-itude! Fresh and served warm, these sticky buns are most definitely a repeat on my next trip to Canoe.

IMG_2036 (Custom)DC: You guys should’ve seen the look on LC’s face at the pure mention of “sticky buns.”  She might as well have shouted “blasphemy” across the dining room, lol.  For some reason, I wasn’t as hesitant.  I was confident that at a place like this, they’d serve up something nice and scrumptious, and O-M-G, they totally delivered.  What I loved about the sticky buns was the perfect crispness of the pastry.  I also appreciated that the sweetness level was light vs heavy, globby, and over-saccharine. Win!  Each scone was melt-in-your mouth crumbly goodness with jams that were all the rave.  My favorite was the honey butter, mm mm yum!  I’m certain that honey butter like this will exist in heaven.

Smoked Salmon at Canoe Restaurant AtlantaLC: Next, we ordered the House Smoked Salmon on a Crispy Potato Pancake with Vermont Goat’s Cheese ($7).  This dish was wonderfully reminiscent of the good ole fashioned lox, smear and a potato latke – but definitely an upgraded version! The brilliant smokiness of the salmon, the smooth creaminess of the goat cheese and the crispiness of the potato were a delightful combination of textures.  

DC:  What SHE said.  This was a perfect marriage of flavors and consistencies.  The green onions sprinkled on top added a subtle savory zest.  My palate was excited and dazzled in unimaginable ways.  Wowsers!  This might honestly be my favorite brunch appetizer to date.

Chicken at Canoe Restaurant AtlantaLC: For my main course, I ordered the Oak Roasted Local Chicken with Cheddar Grits, Spicy Escarole, Oven Dried Tomatoes and Natural Jus ($18).  This was absolute perfection.  EVERYTHING about it was PHENOMENAL! The chicken was juicy and tender.  The grits were perfectly cheesy and creamy.  The escarole and the tomatoes were perfectly cooked and provided the necessary color and flavor to the dish.  I love, love, loved it.

Shrimp & Crawdads at Canoe Restaurant AtlantaDC:  Else’s meal was to die for.  I found myself slightly jell-o.  However, mine was pretty tasty as well.  I opted for the Shrimp & Crawdads, with soft, scrambled eggs, andouille sausage, and Creamy Grits ($20).  Once again, I was highly impressed.  Succulent shrimp, sausage, and crawdads paired with fluffy scrambled eggs, over velvety grits that warm your tummy.  This dish made me feel all cozy inside.  Simply satisfying.  I think I preferred the flavor of Else’s cheesy cheddar grits, but mine were nice and creamy as well.

LC: I was really apprehensive about the crawdads. My mind immediately flashed with images of tentacles and made me want to swim far, far away from any such abomination.  But thankfully… they weren’t served whole! DC’s dish was yummy. I think it could’ve gone to the next level if the andouille sausage was spicier (I know, I know…I might need professional help for my spice/heat addiction).

DC: Well, lock me up as well…and throw away the key!  I, too, would’ve loved if the sausage was spicier.  If so, I would’ve given this dish a perfect score.  As it stands, I’d give it an A vs. an A+.  Dearest Canoe, don’t fear the cayenne!  Get that Cajun ragin’!

The Verdict

Pastry and Mimosa at Canoe Restaurant AtlantaLC: DC has been telling me about this restaurant for a while, and when he told me we were going here for brunch, I was ecstatic! We had reservations, and from the moment we walked in, I felt like VIP.  The attention to detail, especially regarding customer and food service is impeccable. Our server Clair was busy, but seemed to manage her tables well, and was super attentive. Thanks, Clair!  Overall, my experience at Canoe was magnificent! From servers leading me to the lady’s room, and staff members stepping aside to allow me to walk through, Canoe is the perfect place to take your date and impress big time! 

DC: Brunch at Canoe is definitely a classy affair.  All of my expectations were met, and exceeded.
 The food was prepared and presented so flawlessly that everything literally resembled a picture you’d find on an a professional website’s menu.  (For the record, none of the photos in this review have been edited.  The food really is THAT picturesque.)  The service was above and beyond what I expected.  This is a top-notch restaurant that will stand out in my memory for a very long time.  We started this blog to discover places like this, so it is a joy when we actually do.  I’ve had my eye on the dinner menu for quite some time, and I am so eager to return, due to how great our brunch experience went.  I can only imagine how romantic the setting must be at night time, with the floor to ceiling windows providing a lovely view of the river, lit by the overhanging lights I noticed outside.  Canoe, my sweet, it was love at first sight, and I shall definitely be back to further our romance!

Score:  5 / 5

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Canoe is located at:
4199 Paces Ferry Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30339

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